Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Chancery Court located?
The Chancery Court is on the main (1st) floor of the Dyer County Courthouse, which is in the center of downtown Dyersburg, Tennessee and bordered by S. Main, W. Court, S Mill Avenue and W Market Streets. The Chancery Clerk and Master’s office is on the second floor of the courthouse in Room 201.

Map and Directions

2. Where can I park?
There is short term (2 hour) parking around the Courthouse. For longer than two hours, you may utilize the City parking lots located on East Court Street, next to the Dyersburg Electric System Building one blocks east of the Courthouse, or the lot located at the corner of South Church and West Market, two blocks southwest of the Courthouse.

3. What are your hours of operation?
8:30 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

4. Can I file a case without an attorney?
Yes. However, this office cannot give you legal advice. We do not provide forms, but will assist self-represented persons with filing to enforce/modify child support or visitations.

5. Can you recommend an attorney?
No. In accordance with T.C.A. § 16-3-804 (b), no employee of the state court system shall engage, either directly or indirectly, in the practice of law. This includes making legal referrals, performing legal research or giving legal advice.

6. Can I talk to the Judge about my case?
No. Judges do not speak privately with individuals concerning matters they will have to rule on.

7. Does the Chancery Court Clerk hold Foreclosure Sales?

8. How often is property sold for delinquent taxes?
Generally, there is one Tax sale per year. The dates for these sales will be posted on this site and in the local paper (State Gazette) as they are set with the Clerk’s office.

9. Can I fax pleadings to your office?
Yes, you can fax file certain documents in Chancery Court pursuant to Rule 5A of The Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure. Please fax documents to (731) 288-7706.

10. What number do I call to check on my recent child support payment information?
       • (615) 253-4394 or (800) 838-6911 — For child support being paid into Tennessee’s Central
         Child Support Receipting Unit

       • (731) 285-0389 — For child support being paid into the Dyer County Chancery Court

11. What are the various filing fees?
Please visit our filing fees page.

Filing Fees

12. How much are copies?
Copies are $.50 per page. In addition to the standard charge for copying please note that there is an additional charge of $5.50 to certify a document. Certification under the Acts of Congress is $15.00 extra.

13. How can I get a marriage annulled?
Any information regarding grounds for annulment, divorce, or legal separation will have to be answered by an attorney.

14. Where do I go to obtain an order of protection?
Information on orders of protection may be obtained in Dyer County Chancery Court in the courthouse, or Dyer County General Sessions Court, located in the court house in downtown Dyersburg.

15. Can I access case information from the internet?
Not at this time.

16. How long do I have to wait after I am divorced before I get remarried?
Although your divorce decree becomes effective the day it is entered, please be aware that an Order may be appealed by the filing of a Notice of Appeal within 30 days.

17. Can I view pleadings in my court file?
Yes, our records are open for inspection at our offices with the exception of those records considered confidential by law such as adoption records.

18. How do I obtain a copy of an old divorce decree?
Please contact our office at (731) 286-7818 and have the names of the parties involved along with the most accurate date you can recall. (Remember, we need the names of the parties at the time of the divorce…not the current name if the wife has remarried.)

19. Are Probate cases filed in Chancery Court?
Yes. Probate cases are filed in this office located in Room 201 of the Dyer County Courthouse and also in General Sessions, Probate Division. These matters can be heard by Judge Tony Childress or by Judge Jason Hudson, respectively.