Clerk & Master

Steve Walker

Steve is a member of the Tennessee State Court Clerks Association and the County Officials Association of Tennessee. His professional background is in Financial Management in the manufacturing and private sector in West and Middle Tennessee. He is a graduate of Dyersburg High School (1973) and the University of Tennessee at Martin (BS in Business Administration, 1982).  He was a Certified Public Accountant from 1995 - 2014, when he retired his license. He has also served on the Dyer County Legislative Body (September, 2006 - January, 2010), as County Commissioner for District I, prior to his appointment as Clerk and Master. In that capacity, he served on several committees, including the Budget, Finance and Insurance committees.  He is, also, a Certified Public Administrator (issued through the University of Tennessee).

Steve Walker was appointed by Chancellor Tony A. Childress in February, 2010. He appointed following the retirement of Mr. John Hoff who served Dyer County for 16 years.

The goal of our office is to serve everyone in a courteous, efficient and professional manner in the discharge of our duties.

By Tennessee state law, our office is not allowed to offer any form of legal advise. Please consult an attorney or, if proceeding with a case on your own, be prepared to proceed according to the Tennessee Code and the 29th District Local Rules. 

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